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Revision Websites and Passwords - Summer 2017


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English Revision Timetable

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Analysis Connectagon

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Quotation Explosion

Analytical Mat 1

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AQA Maths Foundation Revision Info Summer 2018

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GCSE Maths


Feb 2018 Half Term Year 11 Combined Science

Feb 2018 Half Term Year 11 Triple Science

February 2018 Half Term Homework

GCSE Summer Work (Combined Science)

GCSE Summer Work (Triple Science)

6.1 Energy

6.2 Electricity

6.3 Particle Model of Matter

Recall Questions


GCSE History Revision Guide


February 2018 Half Term Homework

BCET ICT Summer 2017*

* This is a sample test of past questions from the BTEC ICT Unit 1: Online World exam.  Students are encouraged to use the Internet or any other resource to help them answer the questions.  Revision guides, workbooks and access to online revision will be provided in September.


Creative Digital Media: GoConqr Unit 1

Creative Digital Media: Quizlet Unit 1

Creative Digital Media: GoConqr Past Paper Questions

Creative Digital Media: GoConqr Revision Questions

Religious Studies 2017:

RE February 2018 Half Term Homework

RE Definitions App - App Store Link

RE Definitions App - Google Play

Thematic Paper Revision Guide

Beliefs Paper Revision Guide



February 2018 Half Term French Homework

February 2018 Half Term Spanish Homework

GCSE Spanish Vocabulary


February 2018 Half Term Homework



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MyMaths (Students have been provided with login details)

NB: If students have lost login details they can obtain them from the Head of Faculty