Today we say a fond farewell to our crossing lady, Janice Widdop.  Janice has dedicated her working lifetime to the commnity of Wyke and the children of Appleton Academy and our predecessor schools including High Fernley Primary School.  The Principal, Ms Helen Jones, has this to say about her retirement:

"Appleton Academy is celebrating a true community hero in Mrs Widdop.  For 33 years she has kept our children and families safe on their journey to school, helping them safely across a very busy road.  The Appleton Academy community wish Janice a long and very happy retirement, she will be missed by us all."

Not only will many of your children know Mrs Widdop but we know that there are also many parents who were helped to cross the road by Janice during her long service in Wyke.  The Academy has been recognising this achievement in school and at our Primary Nativity on Wednesday 14 December 2016, Janice was presented with memories and quotes from our children and parents, which let her know just how special we all think she is.

Janice is a friend to all at the Academy; staff, children and parents alike and her friendly outlook and ready smile will be missed by us all.  However, we hope the events that have taken place at the Academy this week will provide her with many happy memories to enjoy during her richly deserved retirement.

We would like to wish everyone an enjoyable Christmas and New Year break - a reminder that the Academy closes this Friday 16 December 2016 and re-opens on Tuesday 3 January 2017. 

Please find below our last newsletter of 2016:

Christmas 2016 Newsletter

Ilkley Literature Festival

Congratulations to Alyssa Benn, Jack Pickard-Lupton and Henna Ravjibhai on finishing second, third and highly commended in the poetry competition at the Ilkley Literature Festival.

ilkley lit fest 00000002

WYMETRO have informed the Academy of the following changes to the school bus service at Appleton Academy:

I’m contacting you to advise of a change to your school service from January 2017.

The service will be renumbered from A86 to B99. The route and time will remain exactly the same.

In addition to the renumbering of the service, Operators own tickets will no longer be valid on this service. MCard and MetroCard passes continue to be valid on all these services. This is due to a change in the way the services are contracted.

Please could you make students and parents aware of these changes? The Education Transport team will also be sending out reminders using the @metrogenm Twitter feed and the generationM Facebook page and details can be found on the schools transport website at

Linked to this, it has become apparent that many of the fare paying children do not have an Under 16 or 16-18 Photocard and, on this basis, they should be paying the adult fare. This again will be strictly enforced from 3rd January 2017. You can find information on how to apply for an Under 16 Photocard here on the Metro Website.

Debra Bagley | School Bus Service Co-ordinator

Good Morning

The Academy is open as normal today - Wednesday 9 November 2016. 

However, due to the number of phone calls and enquiries we have received about whether we are open or not, we thought it worth reminding you of the procedures the Academy puts in place during adverse weather.

If the Academy is closed due to adverse weather, parents and staff will first be informed by a text from Appleton explaining the circumstances.  We send this text message as early as possible to avoid anyone having to undertake an unnecessary journey.

As well as the text message, we will also post notice of the Academy's closure on this website, with the Local Authority and we will also inform local media outlets who provide information about school closures to their listeners and viewers i.e. Radio Leeds and The Pulse.

If you do not receive a text from the Academy, you should assume that we are open.