As an Academy that wants every child to succeed in education, work and life we recognise the link between attendance, punctuality and success at school.  A child’s attendance and punctuality can have a direct effect on their progress and GCSE grades. 

For example, if students have an attendance of 90%, it is the equivalent of missing half a day’s schooling each week.  If this continues over five years, it is the equivalent to them missing half a year’s school. 

Good exam grades increase an individual’s earning potential and life chances.  Research shows that each GCSE is worth an average of £450 extra in starting salaries. 

To make sure that every child has the best chance of reaching their potential, we need our students to be in school and on time.  Therefore, from Monday 14th September 2015, any child, in KS3 or KS4, who is late to school without a good reason will lose some of their social time during the day.  This will give students time to reflect on the importance of punctuality and staff the opportunity to discuss ways in which to support improved punctuality during term time.

Many thanks for your support in this matter.

Clare Barber

Vice Principal

Expectations and Ethos